Transformer Explosion & Fire Prevention System

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Features of GK5000 System

  • Ergonomically designed Technology for remote and manual activation
  • Righteous design practice as in integration of leak check Flange below depressurization valve.
  • Leak check flange design of GK5000 system prevents any access of moisture to depressurization valve, thus preventing any jamming or corrosion occurrence causing non performance at the moment of operation.
  • IP 55 Enclosure with NEMA 4 compliance to suit all indoor and outdoor applications
  • Pure Mechanical operation of weight falling under gravity determines efficiency of operation.
  • Use of IP 55 junction boxes of high repute and international design aesthetics result in guarantee of system dependability & Performance as all electrical components, like terminals, relays and Contactors are secured against rusting of terminals/ ageing over duration of many years.
  • Use of SS nuts and bolts guarantees companies outlook towards maintenance free GK5000 system in decades of operation in harsh environments.
  • High Quality of Cable Glands with IP 65 protection result in 100 % commitment to achieve rust free environment along with presence of Humidity monitoring Hygrostat and automatically operating heater with Thermostat.
  • Nitrogen cylinder is pressurized with 99.99 % pure nitrogen gas, thus minimizing any kind of polluting tendency of impure gas during injection stage.
  • Provision for safe operation, even in seismic Zones.
  • Use of world class IP 67 valve with solenoid operation eliminates the need of pre actuated system.
  • Practically Zero application of rubber gaskets at points of critical operation eliminate concept of ageing from GK5000 systems.
  • We embrace the best technology to provide dependable solution with international certificates.
  • Use of LHD has a major edge over use of Fire detectors.
  •  No chances of Jamming unlike fire detectors plunger action.
  • Covers more area of heat detection as compared to Fire detectors.
  • LHD is made from special compound resulting in uniformity of operation at any length of the cable
  • In fire detector even false alarms are possible, if detector bulb is broken due to unforeseen reasons/transformer vibrations.
  • Use of rust free galvanized pipes prevents any pollution to transformer oil and increases life of working equipment.
  • Maintenance lock and further signal at the remote control panel.